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Rob Jacobs (1957) Artist and Jazz Musician.

Rob Jacobs paintings reflects his inner experience of reality. He doesn’t make any sketch before he starts painting. Like in Jazz music his paintings come into existence on an improvising way. Directly working on the painting he let the images evolve on a near meditative way.

His aesthetic feeling for colors make the viewer taken by the hand and make you dream away into his landscapes en still life’s. On a very distinguished way he knows how to interpret the essence of the light and atmospheres.

The steamy landscapes with warm colors and long shadows make you long for a good glass of wine on a terrace in the south of Europe. His harmonious still life’s give the viewer a mysterious feeling of comfort, like coming home.
His varied style has a lot of Eastern influences.

The paintings have an abstract modern style and are built up from multiple color area’s, transparent layers and many different structures. In this way arises a very special layeredness and he knows to achieve an almost 3 dimensional effect. He makes you feel his interpretation of the themes in an elegant way.

He leads the viewer into the beautiful world of how he experiences his inner world and every time you look at his paintings you see different things. That is the true craftsmanship of an artist.

Tom de Groot.





“A day without art is a day without sunlight”